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The One With the Stash

So, to celebrate being able to use my pocket diapers again after the Flats and Handwashing Challenge, I thought it would be fun to do a stash post. I don’t think I’ve ever done one of those, and my stash has evolved a lot since the start of this blog! There also seems to be a general feeling among some of our Twitter friends that Jeniffer and I win diapers all the time, and there’s been a few requests to see our stash, so I thought I would oblige! I’ll also share which diapers I’ve won, but it’s really not that many. Jeniffer will be sharing her stash on Friday. These are all the diapers that currently fit Nehemiah. I don’t have many sized diapers, but I do have a few covers and things that don’t fit any more, so they are not listed or pictured.


I love this little three drawer rolling cart for storing my pockets. My fitteds, doublers, covers, prefolds, etc, all get shoved in the drawer of a dresser in the boys' room.


Opening the drawers makes me smile!



I started cloth diapering with receiving blanket flats, pins and Gerber pull-on plastic covers from Wal-Mart. From there, I branched out and bought 24 birds-eye flats, three x-small Thirsties covers, and 2 x-large Thirsties covers. I continued to use flats for quite some time, but between review diapers, my few wins, and the awesome box a friend sent me, I now have quite a decent stash. I certainly can’t complain!


Pockets, AIO's, AI2's, fitteds, prefolds




So excited about his newest diaper, Baby Kicks Basic pocket!!


So what all is up there?

10 Blueberry OS pockets – white

2 Wonderoos OS pockets – green

3 Smartipants OS pockets – Hot Chocolate, Aqua Breeze, Cool Blue

Rocky Mountain OS pocket – Mango and Lime

Buns Up Baby OS pocket – Milky Way

Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 2 – Mud

BumGenius Freetime – White

Little Bee Co. OS pocket – African Rain

Baby Babu OS pocket – This Guy’s Bananas Monkey Applique

Unknown OS pocket – Sage

BumGenius Elemental -Butternut

Sweet Pea hemp AI2  -Black (Twitter party win)

Hiney Liney – Chocolate

AppleCheeks Size 2 -St. Lucia (Random #clothdiapers chat win)

Bitti Tutto -Zebra

Glow Bug OS pocket – Orange and blue print

Incredibum – Firecracker (bought with a gift card I won from Lovely Eco Chic on Twitter)

Crickett fitted

Unknown fitted

8 unbleached prefolds

Bummis Whisper Wrap medium cover  -Froggy Pond

Thirsties medium cover – Red

Unknown cow print cover

Turtlebums OS cover

Baby Kicks Basic pocket – Red (Twitter party win)


I also have a few that are not pictured. I let a bag of diapers sit for a bit to long, so I am fighting some mildew issues (ew!). Not pictured – BumGenius 4.0 in grasshopper (Random #clothdiapers chat win), 8 Blueberry OS pockets in white, an Incredibum in Sunshine, and a BabyKicks hemp prefold (bought with the giftcard I won to Lovely Eco Chic). I also forgot to take a picture of my Zookies OS cover in Lime Turtles, which I love!

I also have a whole newborn stash of prefolds and x-small covers that I’m loaning to Jeniffer for her new little one!

Total diapers in use, counting pockets, AIO’s, AI2′s, prefolds, and fitteds? 51! That doesn’t count about 30 flats that I also have.

Total wins? 4 diaper wins, 2 bought with gift card win.

My stash makes me really happy and thankful! That said, I know it is completely possible to cloth diaper full time with a lot less than what I have right now. I can go three or more days without washing and not worry about running out of diapers, which is a blessing and a curse!

If money were no object, I would have a slightly different stash. More monkey prints, more Freetimes, more Applecheeks, and I would give away some of the diapers that aren’t my personal favorites.

Do you love your stash? What would you change about? How many diapers do you have in rotation?


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Gnomes Naturals Twitter Party!

So, no giveaway this week. But we do have a pretty big announcement for Sisters ‘N Cloth!

One of the many blessings in this blogging adventure has been to meet people from all over the United States (and sometimes the world). And one of those people is Lori from The Gnomes Mom. And Lori is opening up an online cloth diaper and natural products store, Gnomes Naturals. (Go ahead and click the link. You know you want to!)

Gnomes Naturals will officially open its doors after the Grand Opening on April 2. That Grand Opening? It’s a Twitter party!! It will be on a Monday night after the weekly hour-long #clothdiapers chat, hosted by Cotton Babies at 8 PM CST.

Why is this a big announcement for Sisters ‘N Cloth? We will be co-hosting the party with The Gnomes Mom and The Slacker Mom!! You definitely don’t want to miss out on the great prizes! It’s also a great time to get your cloth diapering questions answered by tons of cloth diapering veterans as well as meet more cloth-loving mamas. And of course it’s a great time to hang out with us for a bit!

You can RSVP for the Twitter party here (and, yes, you’ll want to RSVP! Prizes, people!!) We hope to see you there!

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter parties, check out these great pots on using TweetChat and TweetGrid for Twitter parties. I usually prefer TweetChat for the weekly #clothdiapers chat and TweetGrid for any parties, but the important thing is to find what works for you!

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It’s a Twitter Party Week!

In the last several months, I have really fall in love with Twitter. I guess I’m a slow bloomer, but I have been a Facebook junkie for quite some time, and I didn’t really see the appeal of Twitter. Then I started hearing about “Twitter parties” where you could win lots of great prizes. Huh? Then I read this great tutorial by The Cloth Diaper Geek. It helped me understand how this all worked, and I attended my first Twitter party shortly after that. Now I use Tweet Deck most of the time for Twitter parties, but I do like Tweet Chat (which is referenced in her post) a lot too. I might be a bit of a Twitter junkie now ;) I would love for you to follow us @sistersncloth!

So why am I bringing up Twitter parties today? Because there are two awesome parties coming up, one tonight and one tomorrow, that I definitely think you should attend!

1. World’s Biggest Breastfeeding Twitter Party


Date: Tuesday, August 2nd (Tonight!)

Time: 10pm ET

Hashtag: #BigBFParty

Prizes: There will be prizes, but sponsors are still signing up, so they haven’t been announced yet. No RSVP necessary!

Other details: As I mentioned in my post yesterday the theme of this year’s World Breastfeeding Week is communication. What better way to communicate about and raise awareness for breastfeeding then a huge, rockin’ Twitter party?! So attend if you can, be encouraged, show your support for breastfeeding and breastfeeding moms, and maybe win some cool stuff, too!


2. Back to Homeschool Twitter Party


Date: Wednesday, August 3rd (Tomorrow!)

Time: 9pm ET

Hashtag: #currclick

Prizes: Oh my goodness, the prizes! For a full list, click on the icon above. I’ll just my personal favorites here: Magic Tree House bundle of 10 books, ticket to Heart of the Matter on-line conference, and a $50 gift certificate at Currclick!  They do ask that you RSVP by clicking on the link above to make it easier to communicate with you in the event you win a prize.

Other details: Even though we are generally year round homeschoolers, we tend to relax a bit in the summer. I am starting to get all my plans together for this next year, and I need all the encouragement, support, and ideas (and free stuff doesn’t hurt either!) I can get. I am so excited about this Twitter party for all of those reasons! If you aren’t sure what Currclick is, click on our affiliate links in the sidebar, and stay tuned for another post next week about the many great things they offer.

Hope to “see” you there! Happy tweeting, and good luck on winning those awesome prizes!


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