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Confessions of the Pocket-Challenged

In some ways, this is a confessional post. I’m not an all-knowing cloth diaper genius, that’s for sure. Most of what I know has been handed down from listening to lots of cloth diapering discussions and paying attention when people ask questions. I actually started my cloth diaper research after Melissa had Isaiah, which was over 3 years ago. I’ve been hooked ever since! But as far as my actual experience goes?

I’ve only been cloth diapering Abby full-time since around May (part-time since she was about 8 weeks old.) I had the cloth diapers to use, but it took a while to get into the new mommy groove. And we had stacks. and. stacks. of disposables given to us. When I did cloth diaper, I was mostly using flats, though I did have a few (four) prefolds, a discontinued Swaddlebees pocket, and a Bummis AIO (super cute Dr. Seuss print).

And this worked.

Then I won a fitted and bought another. And I won an AIO. It was nice having options to my flats! But it was work. Folding, pinning, snappi-ing, and then the cover. All the while, my little girl was becoming more and more squirmy. Then she outgrew her pocket. Then her first AIO. I grew to hate diaper changes.

Then Melissa received a box. A magical, sparkly-puffed box full of fluffy cloth diaper goodness!

Ok, it wasn’t magical, per se. But it was pretty awesome.

See, inside of this mystical box of fluffy goodness there lay 10 girly diapers. And Melissa doesn’t have girls in diapers. Who does? Oh, that’s right. Me.

Melissa's girly dipes


She let me have 8 of them, saving 2 for a friend who had given her some prefolds, and then gave me 2 white diapers. And hemp inserts. And a wool cover. OMG. I was in fluffy paradise!!

But of these 10 diapers, only one was an AIO. All of the rest were pockets. And I had had only one pocket diaper for Abby. And she had outgrown it in spring!

While we were sorting the diapers, I asked Melissa how to stuff them. For realz. Don’t laugh. When I had tried stuffing, they got all jumbled. They weren’t my favorite because of that. dreadful. stuffing.

Melissa laughed and called me “pocket challenged.” Then she admitted that her inserts never really lay completely flat either, which made me feel SO much better! Here I was, trying to make sure my inserts lay perfectly flat…silly me. :) Well, after a few weeks of using almost nothing but pockets, I’m certainly not “pocket challenged” anymore!

Most of my "new and improved" stash


What I am, though, is sick of battling microfiber stink. I think I may try using my flats as inserts. :P

What challenged you when you first started using cloth diapers…or even a new type of cloth?

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