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Babywearing… Because Parenting is Easier with the Right Tools

If you follow @sistersncloth on Twitter, you may have noticed me tweeting just a little bit about something I ordered with my Christmas money. A brand-new Boba 3G Kangaroo Print.

I might be a tad bit excited.

Nehemiah and I trying out the Boba right after it arrived.


Our first time trying out a back carry. He went to sleep about five minutes later.


I have several rings slings and have always loved them when my babies are young. With my boys, I never even owned one of the car seat carriers. We just went straight to a convertible car seat, and I used our sling everywhere. I think there is something incredibly precious and addicting about a sweet, snuggly newborn against me in a pouch or ring sling!


Nehemiah in a homemade pouch sling when he was about one month old.


I also love my ring slings for quick trips into the grocery store, or for feeding baby discreetly while out and about, hands-free.

My second born nursing in a ring sling.


But as my babies have grown I’ve found myself using my slings less and less, especially around the house. Not because I’ve had less need for them. My older babies and toddlers often still need the comfort of my arms, or need to be held for convenience or safety. But as they’ve gotten bigger, I’ve found my ring slings becoming uncomfortable, or front carries impractical (it’s hard to do much housework with a one year old on your front). I do have a homemade mei tei style carrier that gets some use, but I’ve never found it very comfortable, especially for longer time periods, or with heavier toddlers.

Money has always been a bit tight for us. My mom or I made all of my pouches and ring slings, so the cost was very minimal. When I looked at the price tag for carriers like the Boba, Onya Baby, or Ergo. I felt a bit overwhelmed. Was it really worth it?

So I put it off. And I made it through eight years of parenting multiple children without a good carrier to use past about six months old. But now that I’ve finally invested the money, I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

This week alone, my Boba has allowed me to:

Grocery shop comfortably, without worrying about picking up any extra germs or listening to a fussy baby.

Carry loads of laundry up and down my basement stairs, while safely keeping baby close to me.

Fix dinner without listening to a baby cry because he needs cuddles, but I need my hands.

Get my three year old ready for bed while holding my napping baby.

OnyaBaby shared this tweet earlier this week, and I think it perfectly sums up my feelings:

Life with littles can be challenging. There are a lot of demands on our time, energies, and bodies.

Parenting is easier with the right tools. If you don’t already have a good carrier, I encourage you to invest in one. I don’t think you’ll be sorry! Nehemiah sure isn’t…

Sweet giggles while I made dinner and he hung out on my back.


Do you own a baby carrier or baby carriers? What’s your favorite? How has it made your life easier?

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