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Cloth Diapering vs. 4.0?

At our house cloth diapering has been something that has changed throughout the different seasons of parenting. What works for us has changed, many times.

When we were awaiting sweet Aiden’s adoption we made the decision to start with cloth as soon as we could. We wanted something that would grow with him, and my husband was adamant that there only be one brand or style of diaper. Hey, if he was willing to jump in I was okay with his “conditions.”

I honestly wanted to go old school with flats, pins, and covers. My husband laid down a nightmare scenario of him changing a diaper of that “difficulty” complete with him loosing the diaper pin he just removed. I laughed at the absurdity and began my research.

We settled on an all in two diaper that met all of the requirements we had set forth. We were both happy with our choice and we began the great adventure of cloth diapering shortly after returning home with our sweet son.

That’s merely where the adventure started however. It’s been 3.5 years and 2 kids since we began, we now have everything from prefolds and covers to all in ones, plus lots of variety in between! I have discovered that our diapering needs have changed for each kid in varying seasons of their lives. I have also discovered that its a very personal choice, in that what some Mommas love others can’t stand! I highly recommend a cloth diaper trial as you start using cloth, you can find several companies that make them available with a quick google search. We did one right before our second was born and discovered a few things along the way!

If I was starting all over I would buy flats, newborn doublers, and double gusseted covers for all the time use. I would also buy a few one sized all in one diapers for nights and running errands since they are just easier when time or location is limited. A diaper pail for at home, and a wet bag for on the go, oh and don’t forget the diaper sprayer!

That’s just one Mommas opinion ;)



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Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 7: Do Something!

Today is Day SEVEN of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge! Over 450 people signed up to use just flat diapers, and no washer and dryer for seven days. You can click the button above to find out more!

Today the Flats and Handwashing Challenge bloggers are talking about our final reflections on the Challenge.

Could I keep doing this?

Honestly, I am incredibly thankful that I get to use my pocket diapers and my washer and dryer tomorrow! It’s 4 in the afternoon while I’m writing this post, and I am about to fall asleep. I’ve been going to bed about 30 minutes later than normal this week. No, I haven’t just been washing diapers late at night, but between dishes, getting kids in bed, blog design meetings, post writing, and everything else in my life, diapers have definitely been one more thing to keep me from going to bed as early as I would like.

If I was doing this all the time, I’m sure I would survive. I definitely feel like I’ve found my groove, and its becoming second nature. However, I’m sure I would also be looking for good coupons on disposable diapers, or doing laundry at a friend or family member’s house on occasion.

i think the biggest obstacle that would prevent lower income parents from using cloth diapers full-time would be the need for daycare friendly diapers. Even if you pad fold in a cover, you would need enough covers to get through a whole day for that to be a good option, and that can get expensive.

Pad folded receiving blanket flat in a Bummis cover for the church nursery this morning.


All folded up - it can go on as easily as a pocket now.


Also, many of the practices that make handwashing work well would be impossible to implement in that setting, such as rinsing diapers out immediately and using a wet pail. So even if a daycare were willing to use cloth, and you had enough covers, you’d be fighting a much harder battle with stink than most of us doing the Challenge have had to deal with.

If I were a single working mom or in a dual working household, I think I would use disposable diapers for daycare (looking for deals as much as I could), and then use flats at home. Every diaper reused instead of thrown away would still save me money! If I had access to a washer and dryer, and a cloth friendly daycare, than I would buy pocket diapers here and there as I was able too. As I wrote about on one of our Cloth Tips pages, there are several different ways to cloth diaper from birth to potty-training on around $100. That frees up a lot of money for gas, food, and other necessities for struggling families!

What now?

So I survived the Challenge – yay me! I guess I can pat myself on the back for having the fortitude to stick it out. I can rest assured that I’m not a hypocrite. I’ve blown up my facebook wall with blog posts this week. I fulfilled my reasons for participating in the challenge.

But is that enough? One of things I loved about the Flats and Handwashing Challenge last year was the encouragement Kim issued to us at the end of the Challenge to do something with what we had learned. It’s not really enough to spend one week handwashing diapers, conclude that this is a viable option for families, and then go about our normal lives.

This experiment wasn’t for fun.  It was training.  We have trained ourselves to diaper for little money, with little luxuries, and in good times and bad.  I know it was just a week, but it was Flats Boot Camp. ~ Kim Rosas

This past year I’ve been able to teach two classes on “emergency cloth diapering” to low-income expectant moms. They all thought I was a bit crazy, but I gave them some information, and hopefully if they need it some day, it will come back to them. But I want to do more. I hope that through the knowledge and experience I’ve gained this year, I’ll be better equipped to communicate with those who need it most. I’m also going to be actively looking for more venues to share that information.

How has this week changed you? What will you do differently because of what you’ve learned?

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Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 6: You Can Count on Flats

Today is Day 6 of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge. Over 450 people signed up to show the world that cloth diapering can be economical and accessible to all. To read more about the Challenge, including the official “rules”, click on the button above.

It’s hard to believe there is only one day left in the Challenge! It has gone by so much faster than last time. Even so, I can’t really say that I will be sorry when it’s over. I miss my pocket diapers, and I definitely miss my washer and dryer! There is a certain sense of accomplishment in this sight though…

Today is open topic day, so the Challenge bloggers will be posting about a wide variety of topics. I’m looking forward to spending some time later today seeing what everyone decides to share!

After six straight days of blogging (with two posts on Thursday), I don’t have a ton left to say, but I do want to mention one thing about flats.

They work!

Are they old-school? Yes.

Do they require a little more work? Yes.

But they do work.

During the time of this Challenge, I’ve made a three-hour car trip.

I’ve forgotten to change my son and left him in the same diaper for 5 hours (not a finer mommy moment!).

We’ve gone to the park for our usual play-date and spent hours there playing.

Nehemiah and Isaiah found a great spot to chill


My son has slept in flats for five nights straight. All with no leaks.

As much as I love my pocket diapers and can’t wait to use them again, I can’t boast of the same kind of dependability for them. I often have to add hemp for extra absorbency, and even then we may experience leaks.

Flats tend to get a bad rap, but in my book, they are a diaper that can be counted on!

How do your flats compare to other types of diapers on the market? If you haven’t used flats, is it because you are afraid of more leaks?


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