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Angela’s Amber Review and Giveaway

Both of the Sisters have been dealing with teething grumps for several months now. Neither of us had tried amber before, so we were excited to get the chance to try Angela’s Amber teething necklaces for our poor babes.

What is an amber necklace?

I love this explanation from Angela’s Etsy shop:

Baltic amber is not a stone, but a fossilized tree resin. When baltic amber is worn on the skin, the skin’s warmth releases trace amounts of healing oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid and are absorbed into the skin. A natural analgesic, amber helps remedy restlessness, irritability, sleep trouble and pain. A perfect alternative to teething drugs, medication or gels. (Great for adults, too!)

Who is Angela?

Most people consider Angela a “crunchy” Momma. She is always happy to find new ways to care for her family in a gentler and safer way. She discovered Baltic amber teething necklaces through a local Smart Mommy group and purchased her first amber teething necklace when her daughter was four months old. She was so impressed she decided to start making these herself.

Angela is a longtime crafter, and loves making amber teething necklaces.
Each item is hand-made by Angela and held to the strictest quality standards. All of her amber comes directly from the Baltic region, and she performs her own authenticity tests (several of them!) on all the amber she receives. After trying a number of different cords, she decided on 100% silk as the highest quality choice. Her silk is the best available and comes from Germany. She carefully hand-knots between each bead for safety, durability, and beauty.

Angela does custom orders to accommodate any customer big or small. She loves making “mama” and “papa” jewelry in addition to her large collection of baby teething necklaces.

Melissa’s Thoughts:

When I first heard about amber teething necklaces, I thought, “Well that’s great for people with girls. But I can’t put my boys in one!” I was also unsure whether they would really make a difference in pain.

After having the chance to try out an Angela’s Amber necklace, I’m completely won over ;) I think that just a cloth diaper and teething necklace is just about the most adorable thing a baby can wear, boy or girl!

See how cute?!


I am in love with the necklace I was able to choose to review. The amber contains pieces of moss, making them varying shades of green, as opposed to the typical lighter color you see.

Unfortunately, my husband still isn’t a huge fan of his boy going out in public in a necklace ;) It is true that in our area its not something that you typically see, so people probably aren’t sure what to make of it. I’ve compromised by slipping it into my pocket if we go out as a family, and I just put it back on later.

Which brings me to my next point. I do feel like Nehemiah is significantly more fussy if I leave the necklace off for very long. He is cutting several teeth right now, including his one-year molars, so even with the amber we have seen some serious gnawing and grumpiness, but it is so much better when he is wearing amber than it is when he is not.

So, my new opinion? Amber is cute and it works! Although this is my first amber necklace, I’ve been very impressed with it. I loved the fact it came with a little bag and a card that told the benefits of amber and gave instructions on how to care for it. Perfect for those gifting this at a baby shower or somewhere similar!

Love this! Information and instructions are on the other side. (Please disregard the crease - my kids liked the card too!)


Nehemiah has worn his necklace almost non-stop since we got it. He has crawled, slipped, been picked up by his siblings, and just generally lived the rough-and-tumble life of a fourth child. Despite all that, the necklace has never come unclasped, or shown any signs of wear and tear. It’s obvious that it was made with care, and with great attention to detail!

Jeniffer’s Thoughts:

When I first started looking into natural parenting, amber necklaces kept coming up. I thought they were cute, but I didn’t see how they would help. I read something about negative energy being repelled because of where the amber comes from, but I wasn’t convinced that this was the real story. When I read that the resin is absorbed by the body, I realized that it could work. And then I read reviews saying it did work. I had to try one!

Stylin in the doctor's office!


So I was definitely excited to review an amber necklace! See, Abby cut her first tooth without much trouble…but every tooth since has been difficult (to say the least!) She has drooled since she was a month old, not to mention the irritability, sleeplessness, and even slight fever. She gnawed on everything. All. The. Time. Mama was done.

But then the amber necklace came in. At first, I didn’t notice a marked difference. Her rash on her eyelid started going down some, but it had done that before. Since she wasn’t exactly teething, it was hard to tell how much the necklace was working. I took it off one night for her bath and forgot to put it back on. In the morning, the rash on her eyelid was worse than it had been in days, and she was much crankier than she had been. I put the necklace back on, and the rash got better. She calmed down. And she cut her last front tooth without drooling or gnawing on everything! In fact, I hardly noticed it coming in! Now, I really wish I would have had this necklace before her first tooth came in.

She is still irritable some days (especially when she doesn’t get her nap out), but it is less than what it had been. She is teething again, but I’m pretty sure she’s starting molars now, and those are another story altogether. She’s gnawing, upset, sometimes grumpy, but I’ve seen her without the necklace. It would be worse without than with! Of course, it doesn’t hurt one bit that I get compliments everywhere I go on her pretty necklace!

Wearing her amber necklace on Valentine's Day (and every day!)


Buy It:

You can purchase a variety of amber necklaces, either for yourself or your sweet baby, at Angela’s Amber Etsy shop. The necklaces range in price from $25.99 for most of the baby necklaces up to $59.99 for a few of the beautiful momma necklaces.

Win It:

One reader will win a honey and tea baroque Baltic amber teething necklace in the length of their choice – 10.5 to 12.5″. Enter using the rafflecopter form below. Comments on this post are welcome, but will not be counted as entries.

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