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Storybook Stitches Review and Giveaway

Well, I shared a certain announcement at the end of my post Saturday. But just in case you missed it….


I found out about a month before our trip to Disney World that I was expecting a tie breaker, baby #5! I was so excited! We’ve always announced our pregnancies right away, but I knew that this time I wanted to do something different. I couldn’t see being in such a magical place and not using it to share our good news. But I wasn’t sure right away what kind of pictures I wanted to take. And then I stumbled across the shirt above at Storybook Stitches on Etsy. Oh my goodness! I fell in love right away! It was perfect, and I knew I had to have one of these shirts to wear to Disney. Storybook Stitches offers many different designs, for maternity as well as regular shirts, and several different products too. I contacted them about sharing their adorable products with our readers, and they were excited to do a review and giveaway.

I asked Nick and Becky to tell me a bit about themselves and their vision for Storybook Stitches:

We are a husband and wife team that enjoy embroidery. We work on projects when we have time in the evenings. We’re both Disney fanatics, so most of our projects are something Disney, but we can do almost any sort of custom embroidery and themed items. We are currently expecting our first child, which is how we started making maternity shirts. I had made a few for my wife as we noticed there aren’t many options for expectant mothers. Well after a couple trips to Disneyland and wearing them around town, she received so many compliments and ladies asking where she got her shirt, that we decided to start offering them to others and that’s how we came up with the name of Storybook Stitches after Storybook Land in Disneyland.

I was able to choose not only the design for my shirt, but shirt color, and I had the option to have a saying embroidered on the shirt as well. When I received my shirt in the mail, I was so excited I had to put it on right away. It was just as precious in person as it had been on-line. In fact, I ended up having to snap a few pictures with my phone and go ahead and spill the beans to a few family members and close friends right away! It killed me to leave it hiding in my drawer for the next month. I wore it all around Disney, and got several positive comments. I wasn’t showing at all yet, or I’m sure I would have gotten even more.

The shirt is a thinner t-shirt, but I love the fact that it’s nice and cool, as I tend to get really warm when I’m pregnant. It’s also held up well to several runs through my washer and dryer. The embroidery still looks great as well, which is something I was nervous about initially. These maternity shirts are made to be more form fitting, so this is a shirt you can wear from the beginning of your pregnancy to the end, and not look lost in blousy material. The only downside I see to this is that you might be less comfortable in the early part of your pregnancy if you are still looking a little more “fluffy” than pregnant, something I can certainly relate too! I know the pictures above don’t show much about how the shirts fit a pregnant looking belly, so I thought I’d share some from today. I’m only fifteen weeks, but this is my 6th pregnancy and 5th to get this far, so I’ve “popped” much earlier this time. I just love the shirt even more now!

Photo credit: My 7 year old ;)


Photo credit: My 4 year old!

If you are a Disney fan or have one on your Christmas list, Storybook Stitches has something for you! Be sure to check out their website to see all the great designs, and if you don’t see just what you want, contact them and see what they can do for you! Each of their items is made on an order-by-order basis, and they love to help people find just what they are looking for.

Buy It:

You can purchase the shirt shown above, as well as many other designs, colors, and choices from Storybook Stitches Etsy shop or website. They also offer many other products, so be sure to browse through what they offer! Nick and Becky are also offering our readers a 10% discount on their orders Just contact them before you place your order to take advantage of this offer!

 Win It:

One of our readers will win a shirt of their choice! To enter, use the rafflecopter form below.
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Summer Baby Celebration! Winners!


Congratulations to our Summer Baby Celebration Bamboobies Winner,

Chelsea M!

Congratulations to our Summer Baby Celebration Mom 4 Life/Babylegs Winner,

Katie F!

Congratulations to our Summer Baby Celebration Hen and Chick Cloth Winner,

Beth Ann!

Congratulations to our Summer Baby Celebration ZookiesCrafts Winner,

Katie L!

Congratulations to our Summer Baby Celebration Undercover Mama Winner,

Jen C!

Congratulations to our Summer Baby Celebration Thirsties Winner,

Coley R!

Congratulations to our Summer Baby Celebration Red Barn Diapers Winner,

Beth Ann!

Congratulations to our Summer Baby Celebration Lunapads Winner,

Nica N!

Congratulations to our Summer Baby Celebration April’s Baby Winner,

Beth R!

Congratulations to our Summer Baby Celebration Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique Winner,

Tiffany W!


Congrats again!

The Sisters

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Baby Babu Review and Giveaway!

Baby Babu is a fairly new cloth diaper company based in Florida. Their website states that owners Hope and Joe Chanda, the parents of twin boys, strive, “to provide high quality, sustainable and affordable diapering solutions and related products to parents worldwide.”

Not only are their diapers affordable, they also come in a variety of cute prints, colors, and even embroidered designs! But their store doesn’t stop with diapers. They offer baby wipes, diaper covers, diaper pins, and even wet bags.

Baby Babu sent both of us a diaper to review, along with an extra insert for nighttime diapering.

 Jeniffer’s Thoughts:

Originally, I had asked for the Fly Away Butterfly patterned diaper, and Melissa asked for the This Guy’s Bananas! diaper. Baby Babu sent her the Slow Down! diaper instead. When we pointed out the mistake, they sent Melissa her original diaper choice and let her have the mistake diaper. She gave it to me since I’ll have two girls in diapers soon…and she has her one boy. Both diapers are absolutely adorable, and I have received compliments on both of them many times.

The diapers come with a snap-in insert that agitates itself out in the washer. While I tend to just unsnap them, I did leave them in the diapers a couple of times to test this out. They stayed attached through the entire wash cycles as well as while in the dryer, and even in my cold water washer, they were clean!

The diapers also come with an internal gusset, designed to keep yucky poops in. We have had a few of them here lately with teething, and none of her poops have exploded out of her diaper. However, it will be interesting to see how exclusively breastfed poop stands up to the gusset this fall. While I’ve never had a problem with any diapers or covers leaking EBF poop, I have had a few close calls with other diapers. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Baby Babu diapers are one-size diapers, but they fit smaller on Abby than I like. With most of her other diapers, she’s still on the second or third waist snap setting and the medium rise setting, but not so with Baby Babu. She is on the last rise setting and has one more snap setting on the waist to go. She has a little wiggle room, but not very much. Since she’s in the 50th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height, I’d venture to guess that Baby Babu diapers would fit for longer on small babies.

My overall opinion of Baby Babu diapers is that they are a good diaper if you are looking for a quick, cheaper way to build your stash. While they aren’t my favorites, they do work pretty well overall. My daughter has worn them to town several times without issues as well as overnight without leaks. I personally wouldn’t want to build my stash out of them, but they are good diapers.

Melissa’s Thoughts:

I am absolutely in love with the Baby Babu embroidery designs for their diapers! When I saw This Guy’s Bananas! on their website, I might have gone a bit…. bananas ;) As you all might have picked up on by now, I have a thing for monkeys for Nehemiah. It started before he was born, and then when he got here at 10 lbs, 6 oz, with crazy dark hair and chubby cheeks, the nickname “Chunky Monkey” was to perfect to pass up!

Every time he wears this diaper, I smile. I will confess that I try to save it for times when I know we are going out of the house and I can pair it with just a t-shirt and show it off!

I had to hold my wiggly monkey down to get this shot, silly boy! But see how cute that winking monkey is?

Thankfully, this diaper also fits Nehemiah really well. Diaper fit can be such a funny thing. I was shocked to see how little room Abby has left, since Nehemiah’s diapers typically fit much smaller than hers do. He is still on the middle rise setting, and has a few snaps left in the waist on each side as well.

In addition to the adorable applique and good fit, Baby Babu has several other nice features. I really like the internal gussets and the hip snaps, shown below. Jeniffer mentioned the fact that the soakers can snap-in. I don’t ever use them that way, but I do like that Baby Babu is a sleeve-style diaper, so the inserts will agitate out in the wash on their own.

Our Baby Babu diaper does hold up fairly well for daytime use for Nehemiah, but it hasn’t worked well for us overnight, even with the additional soaker. We’ve also had more staining issues with this diaper than I do with most of my other stay-dry pockets, and I think it may have something to do with the lining.

Overall, I think these diapers are cute, work well, and can be a great way to economically add some adorable designs to your stash!

Buy It:

You can purchase a Baby Babu diaper in a variety of prints, colors, and embroidered designs for just $11.99 on the Baby Babu website. Right now you can also use code BABU10 for 10% off your purchase! While you are there, be sure to check out their All-in-Ones, covers, and other products!

Win It:

One of our readers will win a Baby Babu pocket diaper, in the winner’s choice of girl, boy, or gender neutral. To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. While blog posts are welcome, they do not count towards entries.

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