Lopsy Topsy

Jackie is a calm, sweet-spirited child who has never given me much trouble with anything; however, she does have her preferences like most other children. By her fourth or fifth month of breastfeeding, she decided that she was DONE bothering with my left breast. Like any first-timer, I worried that this was somehow bad for her or me or you know… something was wrong. Anytime something out of the ordinary happens, we moms break out the Google.

It just so happens that most babies do prefer one breast over the other. The nipple on my left side was inverted making it more difficult for her latch. Not only that, but the milk-flow was different as well. No doubt, many of you have experienced this same issue. Some babies prefer a side but don’t totally
give up on the “lame side.” Sadly, when I say that Jackie was done, she was done. Some think that you should force the baby to comply with nursing on that side. Some suggest that you continue to pump the “shunned” breast in order to keep up the production of milk (and to keep evenness). I, on the other
hand, decided to just let it go.

If you so choose to stop feeding or pumping the “shunned” one, my warning is this: Lopsy Topsy. This was the sweet nickname that my husband gave me during this time. This is not such a noticeable difference for many women; however, for my originally small size B breast, it was like I was a one-boobed monster. (Glad Casey didn’t call me that…) So, if you are wondering if your boobs shrink back to size after breastfeeding, MINE DID. I was proud of my small boob, but then again, I looked really weird. So, if you still have some tube socks around, roll those bad boys up and stuff. Seriously, toilet paper just isn’t enough to match the milk luscious breast.

On a more serious note, if you’re infant suddenly refuses one side (kind of like Jackie did), be sure that your little one isn’t reacting to an ear infection or injury on that side of their head. If you’re worried that allowing your baby to nurse on one side is kind of like “spoiling” your child, well, I’ll let you make that decision. Most babies will not grow up to be cotton-headed-ninny-muggins just because you gave in and nursed on one side… Also, if you are wondering if your infant is getting enough milk and nutrients from just one breast, the answer is YES. Lastly, if you are self-conscious about your lopsidedness (I really was), just pretend like you are in middle school and stuff your bra… Haha… I can laugh now that it’s over.

And fyi, even though the right breast got a lot more action (almost 7 months more), they both went down to the same size once Jackie weaned. So, this can be one of those not-so-fun times for you, but don’t worry. Fortunately, babies and husbands like your breasts no matter the size…

Did your baby have a “favorite” side? Did you keep offering the rejected side, or just nurse on one? Any funny “lopsy topsy” stories of your own?



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