Can I get a sick day?

How many Momma’s have asked themselves that very question? I have, numerous times. Sadly my little family has been sick consistently over the last eight weeks and I actually took a “sick day” along the way with Daddy juggling full time baby duty. It is not ideal, I promise. Though I was incredibly grateful for all that my sweet husband accomplished while I was quite literally down and out.

Over the last few weeks I have learned a good bit about what it means to be a Momma in the good and the bad. On those days when the giggles and the playgrounds beckon; or the days filled with thermometers, tepid baths, and worry. Motherhood is a job full of sacrifice. We have to give fully of ourselves to these little ones we have been entrusted with. That isn’t always easy. Exhaustion sets in, dishes and laundry pile up, and we can find ourselves overwhelmed.

It is in that period when we seemed overwhelmed that we find ourselves making choices.

I made many of those choices over the last few weeks. Like switching to paper plates and disposable diapers. Sometimes survival means understanding you simply can’t do it all. It will take me a long while to catch up on the laundry, errands, and cleaning that was pushed to the side in lieu of sickly cuddles and naps.

It was worth it. It was also a good reminder to slow down and savor these quiet moments with my family.






About Faith

Faith is a stay at home wife and Momma to two sweet miracles! She is learning to embrace the craziness that comes with little ones, even when it isn't "perfect."

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