Note from Jeniffer: As Melissa and I mentioned, we are adding some new sisters to our family here on Sisters ‘N Cloth. Michal was my first roommate in college, and at the time I thought she was a weird “hippie.” Apparently she rubbed off on me a bit! Even though our “hippie” ways are different, she remains one of my closest friends. I am thrilled that she is joining our little family!  You can read more about Michal and our other new sister, Faith, here.

I think we all have what I like to call a “hippie” side. Basically, when we tap into our very own personal “hippie” side, we begin to see how we, as individuals, think outside the box. This may otherwise be known as a personal conviction or an educated opinion. Being a “hippie” sounds so much cooler though, especially when I am wearing my real-deal moccasins and my chevron print sweatshirt… So authentic…

I tend to go hippie when it comes to standardized medicine, doctors, and the whole medical field scene. I would never try to take the place of a trained physician nor would I boast in knowing more than one. However, I think it is a healthy benefit, especially to green moms and dads, to consider challenging the status quo. Our first OBGYN really didn’t like to see me walk through the doors. I’m not proud of that, but I hope it helped us both broaden our horizons a bit.

My husband and I have made a series of decisions concerning our daughter’s health that is heavily opposite to the preferred opinions of the medical practice. To begin with, we didn’t have the Hep. B shot administered at Jackie’s birth. And, we didn’t follow up with any other vaccines. My point isn’t to dissuade anyone from vaccinations; however, it is highly beneficial to understand your child’s body and reactions when you consider the substances entering his/her body. When you’re pregnant, you watch your diet. When you breastfeed, you still watch your diet. When the baby weans, we watch their new diet. Why? Because we are concerned about what is entering the inner fibers of our precious children. So, I say that as long as these children are under our protective wing, it is a precious honor to guard their health. Instead of an antibiotic for a cold, administer some Berry Well (http://www.beeyoutiful.com/berry-well.html). Acid reflux or nausea? Instead of a pill with a zillion ingredients, administer a simple peppermint and fennel pill/tea. This can be found at a local health food store. And instead of rushing the child to the doctor, wait it out for a day. (Unless it is super serious!!!)

What I am trying to say is, be cautious about a doctor writing up a random prescription… And try not to stress out so much that you feel dependent on these prescriptions. I do NOT desire for this to be a testament against meds and vaccines. I do hope that everyone will make an educated decision in this area. But, I hope that you are making decisions yourself and not allowing anyone else to make it for you. With children comes a heightened sense of emotional turmoil when you consider all of the dangers lurking around in the world. One of the greatest ways we can love and protect our children is to stop worrying and rest in the Lord. Only He can truly meet their every need. Never let another human scare you INTO a decision or OUT of a decision about your child’s health. And remember, God has a special design for your child’s body. They are more resilient than we think!

I will end with this quote from an article I read recently,

Worry is the fear we manufacture; it is a choice. Conversely, true fear is involuntary; it will come and get our attention if necessary. But, if a parent or a child feels fear constantly, there is no signal left for when it’s really needed. Thus, the parent who chooses to worry all the time or who invests unwarranted fears into children is actually making them less safe. Worry is not a precaution; it is the opposite because it delays and discourages constructive action. -  Gavin de Becker in his article entitled, How to Reduce Worry



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