Constant Change

Note from Melissa: We mentioned recently that as Jeniffer and I examined our vision and goals for Sisters ‘N Cloth, that we wanted to add some new sisters to our family. Faith has guest posted for us in the past, and I am honored to count her as a good friend of mine from college days. You can read more about Faith and our other new sister here.  

I am slowly coming to realize that being a parent means accepting a constant state of change. Just when I figure out some semblance of a routine with my little ones, I find myself in a new stage of their lives and once again everything changes.

I have a son with Sensory Processing Disorder. He thrives on structure and stability.

This makes that constant state of change that much harder in our house. In the first year or two I am pretty sure family thought we had lost our minds and had become the most up tight parents on this planet. In all reality we were just doing what was required for Aiden, even though we didn’t know what that meant at the time.

Not to say that it is perfect, but in the last year we have learned so much about SPD and how to lovingly parent Aiden in the way that he needs. We are daily learning how to accept the constant change of childhood in a way that provides the stability he craves. Sometimes that change is a big thing like a baby sister who refuses to abide by any kind of schedule. Sometimes it is simply the small seemingly mundane things of life, like a delayed nap or a new food.

I am not a flexible person by nature. I like to have my ducks in a row if you will, with a slight tendency towards the OCD side of things. While I have changed so much over the last three years as a Momma it is still something I find myself working on daily. I often have to remember to show myself a little grace as I fail as a parent. In showing myself that little bit of grace I have the freedom to pass that grace on to my kids in the daily ever changing life that bursts from this little house. Those days where our “schedule” is thrown to the wind due to the circumstances of life can be challenging, or it can be the moments memories are made of! Around our house we are trying to slow down and use each moment to soak up these little years with our kids, cooking is messier and that song Dadda’s playing isn’t quite right, but there is joy in the little things.


Don’t tell, but I am beginning to like change, and the challenge it brings!






About Faith

Faith is a stay at home wife and Momma to two sweet miracles! She is learning to embrace the craziness that comes with little ones, even when it isn't "perfect."

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