Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Week 50 – All I Want for Christmas….

Breastfeeeding Blog Hop

This post is part of the weekly breastfeeding blog hop, hosted by us, and co-hosted by Life as Wife, Mummy, and NurseThis week’s topic is, “Gifts to Give a Breastfeeding Mother”

It’s hard to believe that this is our last week for the 2012 Breastfeeding Blog Hop! We are taking the last two weeks of December off due to the holidays, so that Jeniffer, Sarah and I, and all of you, can enjoy time with our families. It has been an immense pleasure hosting the Hop for the past few months, and we are excited to see what 2013 looks like for this community!

Today we are talking about gifts to give a breastfeeding mom. Some of the first things that come to mind when I think about this aren’t things you can buy in a store, or wrap up and put under a tree, but  I think they are the most important gifts.

  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Respect of her choices

You can’t put a price tag on those three things, but I promise you, if there is a breastfeeding mom in your life, she will be forever grateful if you give them to her. Breastfeeding is hard work. Sometimes we doubt ourselves. We are often going against the grain, and outside the norm of our social circles. A kind smile or word can give us what we need to keep going.

Now, none of the above means that there aren’t some gifts that a breastfeeding mom would love to find under the tree! There are several things that I know I would have loved to receive at any point over my last several years as a breastfeeding mom. I would still love them, for those who know me and are reading this, by the way…. Hint, hint!

A gift card for a good nursing bra

I’m just going to be honest…. Those things are expensive! I’ve told a few family members in complete seriousness that I would adore a gift card so I could by myself a few of them without feeling guilty, but I don’t think anyone has taken me seriously. I. Am. Serious! There are several great brands out there. The ones I have personally yearned for the most are Bravado (supposed to be particularly good for those who are a bit…. blessed) and Cake Lingerie (absolutely gorgeous!).

Nice nursing clothes

You could either choose something particularly nice or give a gift card for this as well. I have never spent the money on “nursing” clothes, but I have thought a few times that it would be great to have a killer dress or two that I could breastfeed in discreetly. As it is, I just spend the entire time I’m breastfeeding avoiding dresses.

A great breastfeeding pump

Now, this one only applies if you know it’s something the momma is interested in and would use. I’ve yet to really have a need for a pump, since I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I prefer to be with my babies most of the time when they are still young. But some moms enjoy having a bit more flexibility, or they need to return to work, and a truly good breastfeeding pump can be a lifesaver. I highly recommend Hygeia. They are a great company, and are truly committed to supporting breastfeeding.

Fun breastfeeding advocacy gear

If the momma in your life is a “lactivist”, she may get a big kick out of a shirt for her or baby, or a bumper sticker, decal, messenger bag, etc with a pro-breastfeeding message. There is some seriously cute stuff out there on Etsy, Cafe Press, and other shops, and it may be the sort of thing she would have a hard time spending money on herself (if she’s like me!).

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, what is on your “wish list”? How would you feel if you received the gifts I mentioned?

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