When Momma Gets Sick…

I apologize for missing the Schooling Saturday post this week. I shared last week that my 6 year old was sick. My 1 year old  followed suit later in the week, with breathing trouble and a double ear infection. Then a few days later I relapsed again, and came down with a severe cold for the third time in three weeks. The other two times I’ve felt much better after two days, but I’m having a much harder time kicking it this time. I’ve been eating homemade chicken soup, taking large doses of echinacea, but I still feel really rough today.

I know a big part of the reason I can’t get well is because I’m not getting the sleep I need. With a 1 year old that still wakes frequently at night to nurse and a 3 year old that has always been a bad sleeper, I’m chronically exhausted.

Confession? At times like this, as much as I love my children, and believe in the way I parent, it’s hard not to get frustrated and feel burned out. I just want to take some strong meds and sleep for 8 solid hours, but that’s not happening any time soon!

How do you take care of yourself while sick and breastfeeding? Any remedies you recommend?


About Melissa

Melissa is a homeschooling mom to five children, ages 9, 7, 4, 2, and one brand new munchkin!. She loves blogging about her journey as a cloth diapering and breastfeeding mom - the good, the bad, and the chaotic, and helping other moms along the way.

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  • http://mummytocharis.blogspot.com Sarah Jane

    Hope you feel better!!! Continue to take time off if you need-though I’ll miss reading posts. Take care of yourself.

  • http://www.dayinthejourney.blogspot.com Faith Freeze

    Shem and I joke that we will sleep again when they leave the house! I know it is so hard to be a Mommy and rest when you are sick, and I only have one (well 1.5 haha)! Praying you feel well very soon!

  • http://www.cheerfulhomemaker.com Cheerful Homemaker

    When I have a cold, I make sure to drink TONS of water and use my Neti pot every single day. The cold will take its sweet time leaving your system, but at least with the Neti pot you can breathe.