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This post is part of the weekly breastfeeding blog hop, hosted by The Slacker Mom, and co-hosted by The Gnome’s Mom and Happiness Redefined. This week’s topic is Online Breastfeeding Safety.


Internet safety has been a concern of mine for several years. Way back when I had a MySpace account, I tried to be careful with what I posted and wrote, but it wasn’t until I got my first Facebook account that I really watched what I posted. (And now that everyone can see everything, I try to be even more careful!)

The Internet is forever. No matter what I’ve written or uploaded, it’s not going to disappear. Not entirely, anyway. There are hackers and programmers (like my brother-in-law) who are much smarter than me and could find things I had forgotten about long ago…if they so chose.

Interenet safety, for me, starts with watching what I post…and where. What information I give out to whom. And then we started this blog, and it’s no secret that we’re sharing our lives, our stories, our children with you. But where do we draw the line when it comes to safety?

1. We make sure to watermark all pictures that are uploaded onto our site.

When we were first getting started, we found an article about keeping your kids safe while blogging. One of the ideas was to watermark all pictures, and we have been doing it ever since. If someone tries to use our pictures as their own, their readers will see the Sisters ‘N Cloth watermark on some part of the picture. Sometimes it’s more obvious, and sometimes it’s more hidden, but it’s there. And along the same lines, we are careful as to what pictures we do post. There are many perverted people in this world, and what may seem like an innocent picture can be twisted into something much, much worse.

2. We are careful about what we talk about, what activities we talk about, and giving a detailed description about our daily lives.

This would seem like an obvious thing to avoid, but there are people out there who do this not only on their blogs but also on Facebook or Twitter. Personally, while I don’t mind sharing where we’ve gone before, I’m not okay with sharing the places where we have to go today. Not that many of our readers are familiar with the city or the area that we live in (and those that are know us in real life anyway), but it’s the thought that someone could stalk me or my famliy that gets me. I don’t want to give anyone that opportunity!

3. Here’s one that we don’t do: use nicknames for the kiddos.

Now, sometimes we aren’t as specific and use acronyms (DD, DH, DS) for our family members, but we also use their names. For me, it isn’t as necessary because Abby is already a nickname. So is my husband’s name, Drew. And let’s be real, there aren’t many people who spell Jeniffer with two f’s, the way I do. But using nicknames can be a very effective way of keeping your family’s identity hidden, which is why I wanted to mention it.

Of course, these are ways that we as bloggers keep our families safe, and it’s no where near what happened to Mary Ann! (If you aren’t familiar with her story, please check in with our host site, The Slacker Mom, to read her story today. And please like her Facebook page, too.)

As moms, we try so hard to protect our children from the world. Let’s not forget to protect them on the Internet, too.

What do you do to protect your children’s presence on the Internet? We’d love to hear your ideas!


About Jeniffer

Jeniffer is planning to homeschool her children and is enjoying teachable moments with her 1-year-old and 1-month-old daughter. She loves sharing about her parenting journey, from breastfeeding to cloth diapering to pregnancy and beyond!

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  • Cheerful Homemaker

    I watermark the photos I post on my blog. I used to put it at the bottom of the photo, but then I realized that someone could easily crop it off so now I put it across the middle of the photograph. Most of the time it crosses the face of the person in the photo.

    I also had to have a talk with my mother when she started saving all of my photos and posting them on her facebook. She said her friends need to see the baby. Um, no they don’t. I realize that she’s excited, but she doesn’t need to share all of my photos w/ people I don’t know!

    Oh, and we never post where we’re going until after we’re home. We knew someone who posted they were going out of town for the weekend and their house was broken into.

    • Jeniffer

      Good idea about putting the watermark across the face! I hadn’t thought about them cropping it out, but it’s definitely possible. And yes, family members “sharing” pictures of the baby is one of my pet peeves. Not to mention scary! And I hate that for the people you knew, but it’s a good reminder of why posting your activities can be dangerous.

  • Nursery Design

    Great post, thanks for all the great privacy and internet safety tips. I think the precautions you’re taking are very smart.

  • The Slacker Mom

    Fantastic tips- you are way more on top of this than I am!