Schooling Saturday: 4 Ways Homeschoolers Meet Friends

Ok, I’m calling this Schooling Saturday, even though it’s actually Sunday. It’s been another one of those weeks. We all got a horrible cold, so I felt like I lost part of the week, and suddenly it’s Sunday night. I still have one sick kiddo, but I decided I really did need to get this post written before the weekend was completely gone!

Last week I shared why I’m not worried about socialization, but this week I want to share some practical ways you can get out of the house and interact with other humans, besides the obvious like the grocery store, doctor’s office, and many other errands that you have to go on, kids in tow.

1. Homeschool Support Group

You may not personally know any one else homeschooling, but even in small towns, there are often one or more homeschool support groups. What these groups offer depends on each group, but many of them offer field trips, park days, skating or bowling outings, once a month mom’s night out, among other things. This web site offers a large, although I’m sure not exhaustive, directory of support groups by state.

2. Co-ops

Co-ops vary as much as the people in them, with some being very structured and some being very laid back, but what they all have in common is homeschoolers coming together in cooperation to provide classes for homeschool students. Want you child to learn Spanish, but can’t speak it to save your life, but you are a great artist? Your child can take Spanish from another mom, and you can teach art! Some co-ops focus mostly on electives, but others offer pretty much every subject. Either way, co-ops offer a great opportunity for kids to interact with other children, and often provide a great opportunity for moms to make new friends too!

3. Community Sports

Park and rec departments often offer a variety of sports. My girls both play soccer, which allows them to meet and spend time with a variety of children around their age. Gymnastics, ballet, and karate are also great options, and are open to all regardless of schooling method.

4. Church

Some of my children’s best friendships have been formed through our church. Some of these friends are also homeschoolers, but many aren’t. Between Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night we spend several hours a week with our faith family.

These are just a few of the many options out there for homeschoolers to develop friendships, with homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike!



About Melissa

Melissa is a homeschooling mom to five children, ages 9, 7, 4, 2, and one brand new munchkin!. She loves blogging about her journey as a cloth diapering and breastfeeding mom - the good, the bad, and the chaotic, and helping other moms along the way.

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  • Cheerful Homemaker

    With all of the scary school stories in the news lately we wonder if we should consider homeschool!

    • Melissa

      That is one of the reasons I’m glad we homeschool, although for us it isn’t the primary reason. One of the big ones for me is that we get to be together as a family. My kids aren’t separated from each other and me for so much for the day. All that togetherness is challenging sometimes ;) but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!