Schooling Saturday: Our Most Important Subject

In my first Schooling Saturday post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Bible time is one of the four things I’m making sure happens every day around here as we ease into our school year. And that’s for a good reason. I believe it is THE single most important subject I study with my children.

Despite the fact that I think it’s so important, at times I’ve struggled with what exactly to do. I want to teach my children God’s word, but what does that look like?

Currently, it consists of three areas: memorization, time in God’s word, and prayer.

For memorization, we are working on memorizing the books of the New Testament, as well as our first passage of Scripture, Matthew 6:9-13. When we start out memorizing something, we read through it several times, then I have them repeat it after me piece by piece, then work up to longer pieces, and then they start saying it independently, with a few prompts as needed, until we have mastery. We also learn a few sections at a time, so for our passage of scripture, we learned a verse or half a verse, and when that was mastered, added another. For the books of the Bible, we started with the Gospels, and then have added two or three at a time. We’ve made it to 1 and 2 Thessalonians!

During our time in God’s Word, we are reading through Acts, following our reading of Matthew. We read and discuss as we go. My children’s questions always make me think and give me a new understanding of the text!

In our prayer time, we pray for our day, and for any needs of friends or family that we are aware of or that the kids want to pray over.

I want to add these ideas this year

Scripture Memory Box, from Simply Charlotte Mason: This looks like a great way to not only memorize Scripture, but rotate through verses learned previously so they stay fresh in yours and your children’s minds. I already purchased my index card box and index cards!

Prayer box: This uses a similar concept as the Scripture Memory box, but for prayer requests. I often mean to be praying for things and forget, or am overwhelmed by the many prayer requests I know if, and don’t know where to start in our daily prayer time. I think this would be a great tool to address that issue. Note: the link takes you to a PDF document.

Quiet Time Journal: I can’t remember where I read this idea (and if anyone knows, please leave it in the comments!), but I read a blog post recently where the mom talked about giving all of her children time alone after their daily Bible reading time to process what they’ve read, with a journal that they could draw a picture in, or write prayers or reflections. I think this could be a powerful thing for us to start, even though mine aren’t really old enough to write much in it. I’m excited to see how it goes! My biggest concern is whether I can get the 3 year old to cooperate, or at least be quiet enough not to distract the girls.

How do you teach the Bible in your home? Do you use a curriculum or program, just the Bible, or a mixture of resources? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!


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