Schooling Saturday: Back to School… Sort Of.

One of the things we are passionate about here at Sisters ‘N Cloth is educating our children, and we’ve both made the choice to homeschool. We’ve decided to dedicate Saturdays to schooling, so we are introducing “Schooling Saturday!” This will be the place for Melissa to share how her family’s school year is going, for Jeniffer to occasionally share about the research she is doing as she prepares for Abby to reach “official” school age (she is only seven months after all!), and for both of us to share about fun ideas and resources we want to try or think you will enjoy. Even if you aren’t a homeschooling parent, we hope you will find encouragement and ideas that you can use in your family.

We “started” school back a few weeks ago (I blogged about my plans here). I wrote out my daily schedule. I was all set to hit the ground full speed ahead that Monday morning. Ahem. Keeping it real? The reality of getting back into things with four children seven and under, a new blog, a house to try to keep from completely imploding, getting ready for a trip cross country to see my sister (shared here and here), and some additions to our weekly schedule… And yeah. Things did not go the way I envisioned!

My oldest - we focus on ages not grades!

First year of "official" school!

Preschooler, but he's learning too!

This little fellow is learning rapidly. How to crawl, pull up, wave bye-bye, and give me more gray hair!


I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that I need a few weeks to ease into the new normal, so right now I am focusing on a few key things, and we will add other subjects in over time, with the goal being that by the end of September we are full steam ahead. Hopefully ;)

The four areas that we are focusing on right now are:

1. Speech Therapy

My five year old has speech therapy five days a week, increased from four over the summer. Each session is about 30 minutes, but by the time we get out the door, to speech, and back home, it takes up at least an hour of our day, every week day. We really debated committing to all five sessions, but my daughter has a severe speech delay, with a few possible disorders at work, and we decided it was just too important for her not to make it a priority.

2. Bible

This had unfortunately slipped some while we were taking a break from school, but my goal is to accomplish this every day, even if nothing else gets done. I’m going to share some next week about what we are doing right now for this super important subject.

3. Read Alouds

As I shared here, I think reading aloud to your children is extremely important, and that is backed up by research. So we make an effort to do some reading from our current chapter books every day.

4. Outdoor Time

One of my goals for my children is that they be active and healthy, but I’ve been guilty of not prioritizing outside play time in the past. At least three to four days a week, I’m making sure we all spend time outdoors. Thankfully it is starting to cool off a little bit here in humid, hot Mississippi, making this easier to achieve.

We moved school outside on one of the milder days. I hope to do that more often as we get into Fall.


If you’ve started school back, how is it going? Did you start full force, or are you easing into it? What are your must-happen subjects?




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Melissa is a homeschooling mom to five children, ages 9, 7, 4, 2, and one brand new munchkin!. She loves blogging about her journey as a cloth diapering and breastfeeding mom - the good, the bad, and the chaotic, and helping other moms along the way.

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